Top 5 Things Everybody Should Know About Clothes Dryers

Need a clothes dryer? Here are the basics.


Buying a dryer which has the facility to duct the moisture extracted from your washing outside is best. If you have to position a dryer in a place where you can’t use the ducting facility, or you go for a dryer which can’t be ducted, you’ll need to make sure there’s lots of ventilation around it when the dryer’s on whirlpool dryer repair pasadena.

Drying Cycle

On manual dryers you set the length of tine you estimate the load will take to dry. If it’s still damp, you set it again for extra time, and perhaps sort and remove the things which are dry before you do that – shirts, for instance, will dry quicker than bath towels. Over drying can cause shrinkage and extra wear on your clothes.

Sensor dryers are basically designed to take the guess work out by stopping automatically when they sense the clothes are dry. This means you won’t use excess power, and should eliminate over drying. There are variations on this theme, and some makes and models are designed to overcome the problem of uneven drying mentioned above.

Temperature and Dryness Settings

From the basic two settings to the sophisticated multiple program options you’ll find them all out there. Think about your own personal requirements, and how many settings you’ll actually use.


A great advantage of drying your clothes in a dryer is that, if you get to them quickly enough when the cycle finishes to remove and fold them up, you can really cut down on your ironing. If this appeals to you, look for features in a dryer to assist the process. A timer can be good to set so the load finishes when you want it to. Some models will rotate periodically when the drying cycle’s finished to prevent unnecessary creasing. And reverse drying can help to prevent your laundry from getting in a tangle. A buzzer that tells you when the cycle’s finished can be useful, too.


You’ll need to empty the fluff from the lint catcher every time you use a dryer, so make sure it’s easily accessible on any dryer you buy, so it’s not a hassle. Check out whether the dryers you’re considering will be easy to load and unload. Door sizes very – if you think a larger one will make life easier, look for that. Can you install the dryer at various heights? Adjustable feet that enable you to make the dryer sit alongside your washer at the same height, for instance, could be useful, or a wall mounting kit can minimise the bending you’ll need to do to operate it. The capacity of load the dryer can take is an important consideration too. Make sure it’s adequate for your needs, within your space limitations.

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