Repair, Replace and Relax

Keeping on Top of Home Repairs

Our lives are busy, there just is no other way to look at it. And yet, we still have to keep up with repairs and replacements, don’t we? It’s a tough one to deal with and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep on top of the repairs and replacements that our homes need to remain functional, enjoyable and valuable in this real estate market. You would think with all the gadgets, technology and equipment we have these days that it would be easier, yet it somehow it is not. Not to mention, this economy has required many of us to cut back, trim our sails, so to speak, and evaluate how we spend our money kenmore dryer repair los angelesĀ .

Here are some ideas to assist you in planning your repairs or replacements, the first of which is to look over your appliances and their functionality. In order to remain useful and viable, you need to be aware of the longevity of your appliances, so you can decide when to replace them. Quite often we replace appliances before their useful time is up, doing so during remodels, when we move into a house that is new to us, or when we want a change in design and decor. But you can save money by not replacing things that still have life and usefulness!

It’s possible that most of us do not know the longevity of our appliances and are being led to replace them by those who SELL and make a profit on the buying of a new appliance! To assist you, here are some very basic guidelines for expected life on your household appliances:

Dishwashers and Garbage Disposals – 5 to 12 years

Washers and Dryers 8 to 12 years

Refrigerators and Stoves – 15 to 20 years

I can hear you saying – but my dryer is older than that! Of course. These figures are just generalities based on the industry standards. Remember the expression planned obsolescence? That simply means that while manufacturers want you to have a useful and sturdy product, they want you to keep buying, so that the duration of the usefulness of your appliances is factored into the design and purchase price.

What are other factors that determine the length of time your appliances will “live?” Repair, upkeep and portability are just some of the keys to keeping appliances working and useful. If you move every couple of years, your washer and dryer, for example, may not last as long, for the jiggling and rough handling in the move certainly affects the condition of your appliances. If you do not take care of routine maintenance, such as keeping dryer vents clean and free of lint, or keeping your refrigerator coils, drain pans, water dispenser hoses and inside cleanliness up to date, then you can be sure of having to replace your appliances more often. In tough economic times, these issues can mean the savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The next key step to consider is to be aware of the items that are likely to need more frequent attention. Items such as gutters, patio covers, (particularly where they attach to your home,) plumbing, such as toilets and pipes, and routine maintenance of walls and floors which need scheduled maintenance. It is a never ending story of awareness, being in tune with the rhythm of your life, and how it affects your house! The best way to keep on top of these repairs, is to have a viable and up-to-date fix-it list.

If you find yourself constantly postponing tasks, hire someone, or follow a monthly list of to-dos so that your home gets the attention it needs and deserves, and you get the peace of mind and relaxation that you deserve!

Here are some ideas for July:

July can be a great month for painting – warm weather means windows can be open for quick drying and dispersion of any odors. Take a look at your driveway, does it need patching, repair or renovation? How about your garage? Take advantage of warm days to clean it out, get rid of junk, build shelving and toss toxic chemicals, checking, of course, with your local city or county for proper disposal methods. You are undoubtedly outside more often now, so take a good look at your fencing. Does it need repair? Do fence posts need replacement? Attention to each of the above mentioned items will increase the usefulness and life of your home, and increase it’s beauty and value.

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