Integrated Fridge – Made to Fit Your Kitchen

Go into any kitchen and the first thing that sticks out is very likely the large white or black refrigerator. Most of us have learned to live with this artistic sore thumb, but for some people, a kitchen is a work of art that should not be marred by a large metallic monolith. They do not want the sanctity of the room disrupted, so they seek out a way to work the refrigerator into the room rather than as an afterthought.

An integrated fridge works with rather than against the design of the room refrigerator repair los angeles. This appliance is attractive to some and can present certain advantages, but its costs versus those of a traditional refrigerator are noteworthy and make this item financially beyond the reach of many.

By definition, an integrated fridge is customized to the particular kitchen it is built for. It is not a one-size-fits-most proposition. In some cases, the refrigerator is actually built along with the house to optimize the design. Most notably, an integrated fridge can maximize the kitchen floor space. Since the majority of the unit is housed inside of the walls rather than outside, only the door of the unit will occasionally intrude onto the open area. Other cases a homeowner may hire somebody to retrofit a kitchen with one after they have purchased it.

Needless to say, this is more expensive than a traditional model, not only in initial costs but in maintenance and upkeep. Also, because of the overlay, the internal space is often more limited than a traditional model. Depending upon your food storage and consumption habits this may not matter all that much. But those that routinely keep their fridges stocked to near overflowing levels this may be a major turn off. And finally, there is the minor, but constant, annoyance of people walking into the kitchen looking for the refrigerator only to stop and look around in confusion. This is a small point, but it can get irritating to some.

As with all major purchases, the benefits versus the costs of an integrated fridge should be carefully weighed. What they have in style and floor space is paid for in financial costs, both initially and through the life of the machine, and in internal space. Talking to an appliance salesman can help you understand all of these factors better and make the decision that is right for you.

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